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Re: [PATCH for-next 5/6] xen: Add files needed for minimal riscv build

>> On 2/25/21 3:14 PM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>> It sounds like you'd prefer no common to start and none of the
>> arch_* calls it relies on?
> We definitely want "stuff compiled under RISC-V" to be caught in CI, but
> that doesn't mean "wedge all of common in with stubs to begin with".
> Honestly - I want to see the build issues/failures in common, to help us
> fix the rough corners on Kconfig system and include hierarchy.
> In light of this patch, there are definitely some things which should be
> fixed as prerequisites, rather than forcing yet-more x86-isms into every
> new arch.
> ~Andrew

Ah I see.  There's more that could be Kconfig'd away and if they can't be
Kconfig'd away, their should be some commits to make it so they can be.

But things like, for example, `arch_domain_create()` would still
be stubbed, because this is and always will be required.




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