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Re: [PATCH for-next 0/6] Minimal build for RISCV

On 2/25/21 7:23 AM, Connor Davis wrote:
> Hi all,
> This series introduces a minimal build for RISCV. It is based on Bobby's
> previous work from last year[0]. I have worked to rebase onto current Xen,
> as well as update the various header files borrowed from Linux.
> This series provides the patches necessary to get a minimal build
> working. The build is "minimal" in the sense that 1) it uses a
> minimal config and 2) files, functions, and variables are included if
> and only if they are required for a successful build based on the
> config. It doesn't run at all, as the functions just have stub
> implementations.
> My hope is that this can serve as a useful example for future ports as
> well as inform the community of exactly what is imposed by common code
> onto new architectures.
> The first 4 patches are mods to non-RISCV bits that enable building a
> config with:
>   !CONFIG_HAS_NS16550
>   NR_CPUS == 1
> respectively. The fifth patch adds the RISCV files, and the last patch
> adds a docker container for doing the build. To build from the docker
> container (after creating it locally), you can run the following:
>   $ make XEN_TARGET_ARCH=riscv64 SUBSYSTEMS=xen 

Thanks for getting this out!  Looking forward to continue working with
you on this.  Great job on fixing these up and fixing the rebase!

For anyone interested in peeking in on how other RISC-V developments
are advancing, the out-of-tree repo is located here:

The parallel work has been on getting dom0 up and running.  We're just
beyond making domain_create/construct_dom0 calls work (and getting all of
common and _init calls involved working appropriately), and are currently
on mapping in and launching the dom0 created (this is being done on branch
riscv-create-dom0 and be forewarned, there is still a good amount of churn

I'm not sure on the optimal way to keep the ML informed about how things
are going... as I'm not sure I foresee many intermediate patches between
this initial build and seeing a dom0 console... save for common fixes and
questions.  I think Connor and I are both on the IRC. Any suggestions,
of course, are welcome.




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