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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM Migration of domU on Qemu-upstream DM causes stuck system clock with ACPI

On 30/05/13 17:06, George Dunlap wrote:
On 05/30/2013 04:55 PM, Diana Crisan wrote:
On 30/05/13 16:26, George Dunlap wrote:
On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 4:06 PM, Diana Crisan <dcrisan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 26/05/13 09:38, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Sat, 2013-05-25 at 11:18 +0100, Alex Bligh wrote:

--On 24 May 2013 17:16:07 +0100 George Dunlap

FWIW it's reproducible on every host h/w platform we've tried
(a total of 2).
Do you see the same effects if you do a local-host migrate?
I hadn't even realised that was possible. That would have made testing
migrate easier!
That's basically the whole reason it is supported ;-)

How do you avoid the name clash in xen-store?
Most toolstacks receive the incoming migration into a domain named
FOO-incoming or some such and then rename to FOO upon completion. Some
also rename the outgoing domain "FOO-migratedaway" towards the end so
that the bits of the final teardown which can safely happen after the
target have start can be done so.


I am unsure what I am doing wrong, but I cannot seem to be able to do a
localhost migrate.

I created a domU using "xl create xl.conf" and once it fully booted I
an "xl migrate 11 localhost". This fails and gives the output below.

Would you please advise on how to get this working?


root@ubuntu:~# xl migrate 11 localhost
root@localhost's password:
migration target: Ready to receive domain.
Saving to migration stream new xl format (info 0x0/0x0/2344)
Loading new save file <incoming migration stream> (new xl fmt info
  Savefile contains xl domain config
xc: progress: Reloading memory pages: 53248/1048575    5%
xc: progress: Reloading memory pages: 105472/1048575   10%
libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1280:device_model_spawn_outcome: domain 12
model: spawn failed (rc=-3)
libxl: error: libxl_create.c:1091:domcreate_devmodel_started: device
did not start: -3
libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1311:libxl__destroy_device_model: Device Model
already exited
migration target: Domain creation failed (code -3).
libxl: error: libxl_utils.c:393:libxl_read_exactly: file/stream
reading ready message from migration receiver stream
libxl: info: libxl_exec.c:118:libxl_report_child_exitstatus: migration
target process [10934] exited with error status 3
Migration failed, resuming at sender.
xc: error: Cannot resume uncooperative HVM guests: Internal error
libxl: error: libxl.c:404:libxl__domain_resume: xc_domain_resume
failed for
domain 11: Success
Aha -- I managed to reproduce this one as well.

Your problem is the "vncunused=0" -- that's instructing qemu "You must
use this exact port for the vnc server".  But when you do the migrate,
that port is still in use by the "from" domain; so the qemu for the
"to" domain can't get it, and fails.

Obviously this should fail a lot more gracefully, but that's a bit of
a lower-priority bug I think.

Yes, I managed to get to the bottom of it too and got vms migrating on
localhost on our end.

I can confirm I did get the clock stuck problem while doing a localhost

Does the script I posted earlier "work" for you (i.e., does it fail after some number of migrations)?

Yes, it does "work". I got the vm to break down within 32 localhost migrations.

I've been using it to do a localhost migrate, using a nearly identical config as the one you posted (only difference, I'm using blkback rather than blktap), with an Ubuntu Precise VM using the 3.2.0-39-virtual kernel, and I'm up to 20 migrates with no problems.

Differences between my setup and yours at this point:
 - probably hardware (I've got an old AMD box)
 - dom0 kernel is Debian 2.6.32-5-xen
 - not using blktap

I've also been testing this on an Intel box, with the Debian 3.2.0-4-686-pae kernel, with a Debian distro, and it's up to 103 successful migrates.
The different hardware I tried are:
16 core AMD Turion(tm) II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor
16 core AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6212

It's possible that it's a model-specific issue, but it's sort of hard to see how the dom0 kernel, or blktap, could cause this.

Do you have any special kernel config parameters you're passing in to the guest?


Also, could you try a generic Debian Wheezy install, just to see if it's got something to do with the kernel?

I take it you mean for the guest?
Will try tomorrow and let you know.


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