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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposal for init/kexec/hotplug format for Xen

On 27 Feb 2005, at 18:55, Harry Butterworth wrote:

..the trick is to implement a set of IDC primitives that A) can be used
as the underlying communication mechanism to implement fault tolerant
domains by, for example, using the replicated state machine approach to
create a fault-tolerant domain out of a set of base domains and B) are
then compatible with providing _exactly_ _the_ _same_ _API_ inside the
fault-tolerant domain such that the software running inside the FT
domain can be the same software that would run in a base domain.

The IDC primitives are likely to be *so* low level that this will be a non-issue. Anything that can needs to be fault-tolerance aware in any way I think will be in higher layers.

Really the libidc is almost a no-op -- we have shared memory and notifications -- semaphores and message queues on top of that is very little code.

You sound like you are more worried about the device-channel setup/teardown/probe/recovery code. That would be above libidc, if we use libidc at all.

 -- Keir

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