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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposal for init/kexec/hotplug format for Xen

On 27 Feb 2005, at 15:25, Anthony Liguori wrote:

I like the idea of bringing out device discovery, bringup, teardown, recovery all into its own driver or subsystem -- it seems the obvious way to go. But I think the 'device tree' should be in the to-be-designed persistent store, and we publish an interface to allow guests to peek/poke that store.

I think publishing domain-information in an OF-like tree would be great.

I think we want the persistent store to be outside the OF-tree though. It would provide a good buffer against ill-written management apps.

The way I envision this working is to have a persistent store in user-space on a priviledged domain that exported within it's tree the OF device-tree. This way management app information (the domain's name, an icon associated with it, etc.) would not be stored in the OF tree. If you needed to blow away a portion of the store because of an misbehaving management app you do not lose any of the vital device information.

So you agree that the device info ought to reside within the persistent store? I certainly wasn't suggesting that the persistent store exists within the device tree -- I don't think that statement even makes sense (device tree is per-domain; persistent store is global).

 -- Keir

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