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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposal for init/kexec/hotplug format for Xen

Harry Butterworth wrote:

Interdomain streams would be perfect for something like this.

Hey, this would help to make subsequent introduction of fault-tolerant
domains transparent too ;-) --- OK, I'll stop now :-)
lol :-) I can briefly outline the current design. Note the names are not really important.

 Library for exporting hypercalls.

Library for interdomain-communication primatives (providing the Sys-V IPC mechanisms seems like a reasonable start).

Interface for interacting with the domain store. Persisting daemons and these sorts of things link against this.

Management tool interface. Provide high-level functions that authors of management tools would expect. In most cases, this would be all that would be needed to link against. Developers can link against lower level libraries if necessary.

All libraries should use autotool, pkg-config, proper versioning info, etc. All interfaces should be documented (this is a requirement of EAL besides being good practice).

We could begin work today on libxen-hcall and libxen-idc while we work out what the store is going to like and how the OF structure is going to work. Thoughts?

Anthony Liguori

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