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Re: [Xen-devel] vif naming? also halting a VM

Derek Glidden wrote:

On Jul 19, 2004, at 9:37 AM, Mike Wray wrote:

Not at the moment, for the reasons above. Bear in mind though that the
domain name is passed to the vif control script - so if the domain name
includes the vmid you can recover it.

Ok, just checking. I want to try to write a script that brings up aliases and sets up iptables rules for NAT and such, and I wondered what the options for managing vif names were. Your rationale all makes perfect sense, so I won't argue. :)

Second, when I run "halt" in a VM, "xm list" shows the VM still hanging around:
# xm list
0    Domain-0              54    0  r----   2073.2
7    This is VM 1           0    1  ---s-     29.0
"xm shutdown" or "destroy" don't seem to have any effect. Is this normal?

This sort of problem seemed to have been cured a while ago.
What version of the code are you using?

That particular example was from code checked out sunday afternoon.

xend debug output shows "shutdown" and "destroy domain 7" or somesuch messages after the halt, yet "xm list" shows it still in state "s" afterward.

OK, I'll need some more info. Can you send the output from xend, and
also the output from 'xm list -l'?
Does this always happen or only with some domain configs?


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