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[Xen-devel] vif naming? also halting a VM

Where are the names "vif1.0", etc created in -unstable? Is that from the python tools or is the xen or dom0 kernel assigning that value somehow?

I'd like to change it so that if I'm starting "vmid=1" I get "vif1.0" and "vmid=103" gets "vif103.0" etc. as opposed to the vif getting the Dom ID. Possible?

Second, when I run "halt" in a VM, "xm list" shows the VM still hanging around:

# xm list
0    Domain-0              54    0  r----   2073.2
7    This is VM 1           0    1  ---s-     29.0

"xm shutdown" or "destroy" don't seem to have any effect. Is this normal?

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