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Re: [Xen-devel] vif naming? also halting a VM

Derek Glidden wrote:

Where are the names "vif1.0", etc created in -unstable? Is that from the python tools or is the xen or dom0 kernel assigning that value somehow?

It's in both the back-end network interface driver domain
(usually dom0) and the python tools. At the moment there's no way to tell the
driver domain what name to use - it invents the name from the domain id and
vif index. So eth0 on domain 2 gets called 'vif2.0'. The python tools do the
same for consistency.

I'd like to change it so that if I'm starting "vmid=1" I get "vif1.0" and "vmid=103" gets "vif103.0" etc. as opposed to the vif getting the Dom ID. Possible?

Not at the moment, for the reasons above. Bear in mind though that the
domain name is passed to the vif control script - so if the domain name
includes the vmid you can recover it.

We're thinking about switching away from exposing xen's domain ids at all,
and using user-specified domain identifiers (and insisting on
uniqueness). At the same time we could think about changing the vif
names to use the domain identifier. One issue is the built-in
kernel limit on interface name size: IFNAMSIZ=16. Another is the effect
on migrating domains. If domain idents have to be unique, then they'll have to
be globally unique, and that will rule out simple ones like 0, 1, 2...
But long ones will be too long to fit in interface names.

Second, when I run "halt" in a VM, "xm list" shows the VM still hanging around:

# xm list
0    Domain-0              54    0  r----   2073.2
7    This is VM 1           0    1  ---s-     29.0

"xm shutdown" or "destroy" don't seem to have any effect.  Is this normal?

This sort of problem seemed to have been cured a while ago.
What version of the code are you using?


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