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Re: [Xen-devel] burn in program

On Jul 13, 2004, at 10:37 PM, James Harper wrote:

Has anyone tried out any burn-in program under xen? I think a neat test would be something that:
. runs the cpu load up
. pages lots
. ups and downs the network interfaces
. sends and receives lots of packets
running that under, say, 5 domains at once would give a basic test of functionality

That's exactly what I plan to do with CTCS when I finally figure out how to get -unstable up and running. :)

Other than the network stuff, CTCS severely stresses a machine/OS, and writing a script to mess with the iface and do some stuff (with iptraf perhaps) and hook to the CTCS framework isn't that difficult. It's not really a regression test, more a burn-in test, but if a machine passes CTCS for 24 hours, in my experience, it's working just fine, and it's a lot easier to set up and run than a real regression test.

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