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[Xen-devel] knoppix - request for help.

Has anyone experience remastering a knoppix CD?

It's time to start thinking about putting together a demo CD for
2.0, and rather than doing another hacked-up RH9-based CD, it
seems sensible to switch to Knoppix, particularly since people
often end up installing from CD, which should work OK with
'knx-hdinstall'. I presume that gives you something approximating
a Debian install?

If anyone has any prior experience with this it would be great to
have their help.

I guess a pre-requisite for this is to start building Debian
packages of the xen kernels and tools. It would be nice to have
these targets in the top-level Makefile. Adam Heath did this for
1.2. Any volunteers for 2.0?

I think the main things we'd need to do to a knoppix CD are:
 * switch from isolinux to grub with iso support (isolinux can't
handle multiboot kernels)
 * delete a few big packages to make space for xen stuff
 * add xen+xenlinux+tools+src
 * add a few run level tweaks to distinguish priv and non-priv domains
 * add a suitable /etc/xen/xmdefaults file
 * add xend startup to /etc/rcX.d
 * add a suitable grub config


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