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Re: [Xen-devel] burn in program

> Has anyone tried out any burn-in program under xen? I think a neat test would 
> be something that:
> . runs the cpu load up
> . pages lots
> . ups and downs the network interfaces
> . sends and receives lots of packets
> running that under, say, 5 domains at once would give a basic test of 
> functionality

Having some regression testing would be excellent.  We used to do
a nightly build-and-run that stressed dom0 pretty hard by running
and recording the benchmark scores of the following tests, but we
had to stop doing it as we don't have any spare machines:

 PostgreSQL loaded by OSDB 
 ttcp rx/tx using tcp and udp with different MTU sizes
 linux build with -j

If someone wanted to start running some tests it would be very
helpful. It was particularly good at letting us know about
performance bugs, which are always the hardest to find.

Incidentally, we know we've currently got a networking rx
performance bug in xeno-unstable at the moment that reduces
rx throughput down to about 500Mb/s. Mark is looking in to it. 

That's the only outstanding xen/xenlinux bug we know of. Anyone
know different?


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