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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen V1.1 release candidate

> > For example, the mini-os in the extras directory doesn't compile because 
> > there
> > is some unknown fields in structure HYPERVISOR_shared_info (line 74 of 
> > time.c
> > and some others) 
> Thanks we'll fix this.

Fixed in both the 1.1 and unstable trees. The unstable mmini-os is
tested and working. The 1.1 mini-os builds but I haven't tested it.

> >  There is another problem in the tools directory with the file 
> > misc/xen_log.c.
> > It includes file <tcpd.h> that doesn't exist. I think this file is just not
> > needed to compile...
> I have /usr/include/tcpd.h from tcp_wrappers-7.6-34.i386.rpm
> If it's not required, we'll remove it.

It's not required -- I removed it in both the 1.1 and unstable trees.

> > Otherwise, I saw a draft in Xen 1.1 concerning the internals of
> > Xen. Is there some documents already ready like a presentation
> > (about internals). I know there is the source but I don't know
> > where I should start to understand how it works (maybe device
> > part is easier) and help the Xen team to develop it (for
> > example by porting on IA64 ;)
> We're currently desperately short of internal documentation,
> though this is slowly beginning to be fixed -- expect to see some
> docs checked into the unstable tree.

I'm planning to document the interface at some point, which is why
there's some skeleton LaTeX in the docs directory. Hopefully I'll fill
in some details soon :-)  We also have some user howtos in progress.

 -- Keir

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