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Re: [Xen-devel] New kernel won't boot

> > When I use the image.gz and xenolinux.gz from the CD
> > (copied to my /boot), the exact same outcome happens
> >  -- a reboot after "DOM0: Guest OS virtual load address is c0000000"
> > 
> > However, I *can* boot directly from the CD with no problem.  I
> > didn't experiment much, and never tried to get networking
> > running, but it seemed like all the hardware was recognized.
> Hmm, this is important. 
> Please could you try booting with dom0_mem=100000 
> I wander if there's something odd about the memory layout of
> your machine.
> What version of GRUB are you using? Could you install the one
> from the CD?  I'm wandering whether it's failing to load the
> module into memory correctly.

Actually that's very interesting. Xen currently assumes that physical
memory is contiguous (ie. there are no memory holes above 1MB).

This is because it was hassle to implement the proper checking that is
required, and I wouldn't be able to bug-test it because I have no
access to a machine with a memory hole. Also, I suspect that our
Xenoboot CD (our flexible alternative to GRUB) would need upgrading to
supply the required 'e820 memory-areas list'.

Can you send us the output from 'dmesg' for a normal Linux (not
Xenolinux!) running on the problem machine? Actually all we need are
the lines:
 BIOS-provided physical RAM map:
  BIOS-e820: ...
  BIOS-e820: ...


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