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Re: [Xen-devel] New kernel won't boot

> > For grub with 'noreboot' it goes through the whole boot
> > process, identifies the SCSI drives and network:
> > 
> > Device eth0 opened and ready for use
> > DOM0: Guest OS virtual load address is c0000000
> This is a weird one -- we haven't seen anyone else with this problem.
> Things are going wrong very early in the dom0 boot process.
> Please could you go into xenolinux-2.4.22/kernel/printk.c and 
> "#if 1" the HYPERVISOR_console_write in printk. hopefully this
> will produce a bit more debug output before the xenolinux
> explodes.

Do the following:
 1. Change 'console=tty0' to 'console=xencons0'
 2. '#if 1' the HYPERVISOR_console_write line in
 3. Edit xen/common/kernel.c:putchar_console() to remove the initial
      if ( !opt_console ) return;
You should then get useful debug info!

 -- Keir

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