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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen V1.1 release candidate

> For example, the mini-os in the extras directory doesn't compile because there
> is some unknown fields in structure HYPERVISOR_shared_info (line 74 of time.c
> and some others) 

Thanks we'll fix this.
>  There is another problem in the tools directory with the file misc/xen_log.c.
> It includes file <tcpd.h> that doesn't exist. I think this file is just not
> needed to compile...

I have /usr/include/tcpd.h from tcp_wrappers-7.6-34.i386.rpm

If it's not required, we'll remove it.

> The problem occurs with the new build tools (xenctl & co) because I cannot 
> start
> a new domain with them. As soon as I run the command "xenctl script
> -f/etc/xen-mynewdom" the computer reboot. It worked with old binaries (I mean
> with xenctl recovered from the CD the same command works). I don't know where 
> is
> the problem because I don't see any error message during the compilation nor
> during the crash. I will try to start a new domain with xi_* commands to see 
> if
> the system will have the same behavior. 

You need to make sure you're using the xi_* tools that go with
the appropriate Xen / Xenolinux version. There were significant
changes between 1.0 and 1.1 that require the tools to be
upgraded. I'm afraid there's currently no version checking, so
it's quite possible that Xen will fault and die.

Please can you retry with matching tools and let us know what

>  I also have a question about future work. Do you plan to port
> Xen on IA64 architecture? I will be really interesting by
> that. If not, do you think it will be difficult to port?

We're interested in an IA-64 port (as are some people at HP), but
it's not high on our current todo list, though this may change,
depending on resources.

Doing a port would be pretty straight forward as the ia-64 is
rather easier to virtualise. 

> Otherwise, I saw a draft in Xen 1.1 concerning the internals of
> Xen. Is there some documents already ready like a presentation
> (about internals). I know there is the source but I don't know
> where I should start to understand how it works (maybe device
> part is easier) and help the Xen team to develop it (for
> example by porting on IA64 ;)

We're currently desperately short of internal documentation,
though this is slowly beginning to be fixed -- expect to see some
docs checked into the unstable tree.

> Is it possible to have a binary of xinxp image (I think not but
> I can always ask ;).

I'm afraid the XP binary is currently only available under
special licensing terms, and I don't expect this to change in the
near term.

> I know that the "xenonetbsd" is not in progress but is there a
> running version?

We abandoned the NetBSD port for the moment, but Kip Macy has
been making good progress in his spare time getting FreeBSD 4.8
up and running. You can follow his progress on xen-devel.


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