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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen EFI] Impossible to limit the dom0 memory

On 25/01/18 12:20, msd+xen-devel@xxxxxx wrote:
>> Guillaume, can you try to get symbol+offset for the values on the stack
>> looking like kernel code addresses (e.g. everything starting with
>> "ffffffff82")?
> For sure. Just, can you explain me how I can do this, please ?

You'll need a decompressed kernel with symbol information in it. On my
system (SUSE) I have a vmlinux.<version>.bz2 for each vmlinuz.<version>
file installed in /boot. Use this kernel file and the "addr2line" tool
(to be found in binutils package):

addr2line -pfi -e vmlinux.<version> <addr> <addr> <addr>


addr2line -pfi -e vmlinux-4.4.103-default ffffffff8160ec4d
ffffffff8160ce50 ffffffff8160e568


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