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Re: [Xen-devel] [edk2] OVMF broken under Xen (in PCI initialisation)

On 04/28/16 07:08, Ni, Ruiyu wrote:

>>>> Do you know whether Xen passes the PCI device resource
>>>> information to firmware?
>> I don't think so, no.
>> But, given that the previous PciHostBridgeDxe driver was working on Xen,
>> can we perhaps emulate that behavior in
>> "OvmfPkg/Library/PciHostBridgeLib" somehow?
> Let me explain the reason why previous PciHostBridgeDxe driver was
> working on Xen:
> The PciRootBridgeIo.Configuration() in new driver only create resource
> descriptor when the resource status is allocated:
> if (ResAllocNode->Status != ResAllocated) {
>   continue;
> }
> The same function in old driver doesn't check the Status field so it
> unconditionally returns BUS descriptor with AddrRangeMin and
> AddrRangeMax both equal 0. So that PciEnumeratorLight()
> in PciBus driver can still search the devices from starting bus 0.
> It just happened to work.
> I think the new driver's Configuration() implementation is correct
> while the old driver's one is wrong. So I don't want to change to 
> wrong implementation to fix this issue.

Makes sense, thank you for the explanation.

> The issue can be resolved if we have a way to tell PciBus
> PciEnumeratorLight() which bus number to start searching.
> It's almost true that starting bus number for root bridge #0
> is 0. But it might not be true for the rest root bridges.
> OVMF's PciHostBridgeLib currently returns multiple root bridges
> and for root bridge #1, the starting bus number is obviously
> not 0 unless "etc/extra-pci-roots" doesn't exist or is 0 so there is
> only one root bridge.
> My question is in OVMF over Xen, does "etc/extra-pci-roots" exist?
> If it exists, device behind root bridge #1, #2... can *not* be found
> with the current implementation.

"etc/extra-pci-roots" (more precisely, fw_cfg in general) is specific to
QEMU. QemuFwCfgLib runs alright in Xen guests, but whenever you look for
an fw_cfg file, it is not found -- which is good behavior.

So, OVMF's PciHostBridgeLib produces exactly one PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE object
when it runs on Xen. ExtraRootBridges is set to zero, the loop runs zero
times, and the one InitRootBridge() call after the loop produces one
PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE object, with the following parameters:
- Bus.Base = 0
- Bus.Limit = PCI_MAX_BUS


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