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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] improve the error message in "xl list --long"

Bamvor Jian Zhang writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] improve the error 
message in "xl list --long""):
> considering this case, the user use virt-manager for management the virtual
> machine, he would not aware of xm, xl or virsh is used by virt-manager and
> vm-install. and it is safe to use the xm with virt-manager because the vm
> info is only stored in xend not in libvirt. after user migrate from xm to
> xl, he probably use the similar way. Acctually, our customer report this
> bug because libvirt libxl driver still missing some apis compare with xl.
> raising this message could let user know the circumstances.

Thanks for the explanation.  I'm not sure I entirely follow, so I'm
going to try to explain in my own words what I think you're saying:

virt-manager users are used to using both xm and virsh to manage
guests.  After moving to libxl this is even more relevant because of
missing functionality in the libvirt libxl driver.  However, when a
user uses xl on domains managed by virsh, things go wrong.  You want
this to produce a better error message.

Is this right ?  If so I think some more details would be helpful to
know what goes wrong.  It might be possible to make more of this work
better, or to improve error messages some other way.

It would be possible in principle to make xl produce a warning when
operating on a domain not created with xl, by looking for the missing
userdata.  All modern versions of xl create the userdata.


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