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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] improve the error message in "xl list --long"

Hi, Ian

thanks your reply.
> Bamvor Jian Zhang writes ("[PATCH RFC] improve the error message in "xl list
>         --long""):
> > there is a commit a76377f1 check the return value of
> > libxl_read_file_contents in libxl_userdata_retrieve. but skip the ENOENT.
> > it is almost three years before. i do not know the senario about that
> > commit. it seems that it is not safe to simplely remove the ENOENT.
> ENOENT means that there is no userdata associated with the relevant
> domain and key.  This is not an error condition.
> And it is deliberately possible to manipulate other toolstacks'
> domains from xl.  You get to keep all the pieces.
considering this case, the user use virt-manager for management the virtual
machine, he would not aware of xm, xl or virsh is used by virt-manager and
vm-install. and it is safe to use the xm with virt-manager because the vm

info is only stored in xend not in libvirt. after user migrate from xm to
xl, he probably use the similar way. Acctually, our customer report this
bug because libvirt libxl driver still missing some apis compare with xl.
raising this message could let user know the circumstances.



> If you want to make
> this fail, then a safety catch might be OK but it should be in xl not
> libxl and I think the manipulation should be allowed by default.
> Ian.

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