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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] xen forum

On 21/05/13 17:15, Ian Campbell wrote:
The process (send a signed-off-by email to xen-devel) hasn't changed in forever. Some of the tools which are convenient (but not required) to use have changed recently and therefore some of the advice might have changed.

I probably misunderstood the necessity, in that case.

FWIW the answer is that .gitignore is wrong and using -f would have been fine if you couldn't see where .gitignore was wrong (and fixing .gitignore would have been fine if you could see where).

Okay, thanks.
Why would you expect to be more assured of a reply to your mails if a
bug tracker had automatically logged them?
I am not assured of a reply, but surely the idea of a tracking system
is that bugs don't get forgotten about. In my case, I would have
raised an issue against xendomains, hopefully stated wants seems to go
wrong and either it sits there and is dealt with, batted back to me
for more info, or willfully ignored. But never should it just get
"lost in the cracks".
Unfortunately without someone whose full time job it is to triage bugs
and keep the bug tracker under control all of the bugs which get batted
back and never followed up or which get ignored eventually overrun the
system and make it useless for anyone who would actually want to use it.
At this point you bug is just as likely to get lost in the mess as it is
to get lost on xen-devel.

I'll shut up about it now, because whoever decides these things will
do what they want, anyway.
We are working on a system which will allow us to record email threads
as being relevant and useful to track. We believe this will suit our
workflow better and avoid the need to have someone spend a lot of time
bug wrangling on the track.

Ok, fair enough. We'll see :)

This is why people are being encouraged to post their bugs to the list.

In hindsight, I think in the case of my xl/xendomains issue, it is better investigated as a bug as although I have a working patch, I don't fully understand why it's not an issue for other people and also my paych is probably not compatible with xm. So I'll post a bug report to the list with my work-around and hopefully somebody who understands the subject matter better can unpick the issue in a more authoritative manner.

Thanks for your time,



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