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Re: [Xen-devel] [Xen-users] xen forum

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 04:04:09PM +0100, Ian Murray wrote:
> >It would be easier for us if the bug reports and such were posted on 
> >xen-devel.
> >Please consult http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html when
> >doing it.
> >
> My own experience is that posts (at least from me) are regularly 
> missed/ignored on the devel list, including a signed patch, so I personally 
> think a bug tracker would be a better option. Bug trackers don't (or at least 
> shouldn't :) ) forget or miss. That's they're raison d'etre. I honestly don't 
> know how anyone can do business using this list, but that's just my humble 
> opinion.

Did you also look in the MAINTAINERS file to make sure you copied the right

The reason for skipping the Bugzilla system is that it is soo out of date that
we don't use it anymore.
> As professional developer and application support bod myself, I wouldn't ask 
> anybody to read that missive; I wouldn't get any bug reports ever!
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