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Re: [Xen-devel] xc_map_foreign_bulk() memory leak in ARM version?

On Mon, 2013-05-20 at 11:55 +0400, Nyashka Surovski wrote:
> Oh.. We have found out the root of the problem.
> In our version of code there was a mistake in condition inside
> privcmd_close().
> It was: 
>   if (!xen_feature(XENFEAT_auto_translated_physmap || !numpgs || !
> pages))
> But the right one is:
>   if (!xen_feature(XENFEAT_auto_translated_physmap) || !numpgs || !
> pages)
> Looks like typo.


This was picked up by Dan Carpenter with "xen/privcmd: fix condition in
privcmd_close()" ages ago but accidentally got dropped. Luckily he sent
a ping about it last week and I think it has now been picked up into
Konrad's tree and will no doubt be going to Linus soon.

Thanks for tracking this down.


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