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Re: [Xen-devel] Did xen do some cache prefetch? -- Sisu


At 13:22 -0500 on 19 May (1368969755), Sisu Xi wrote:
> I am using similar technogies as in post, Figure 1.
> http://blog.stuffedcow.net/2013/01/ivb-cache-replacement/
> My host domain is Cent OS 6.2, running Linux 3.4.35,
> Xen version is 4.2.0
> Guest OS is Ubuntu 12.04, Kernel 3.2.0.
> My CPU is Intel i7, x980, it has 6 cores, runs constantly at 3.33GHz
> (disabled hyperthread). Also disabled frequency scaling.
> with 32KB L1, 256KB L2 on each core, and a shared 12 MB L3 cache.
> I am measuring the cache latency, the workload is readling data from an
> array.
> X axis is the array size, in log scale. y axis is the average cycles per
> access.
> Two lines are shown:
> The solid line is an experiments done using non-virt OS. I pinned the task
> to a specific core to prevent migration;
> The dashed line is running the same experiment, but within a guest
> OS(configured with one VCPU, pinned to one core).
> You can see both lines shows three jumps at 32KB, 256KB, and around 12MB,
> which is the size of L1, L2, and L3.
> The strange thing is the time using virtualization is smaller than non-virt.
> I am guessing Xen did some cache prefetch about this?

Not that I know of.  And if you're using the random access patterns
described in that blog, I don't see how prefetching would help.

My guess is there's some other confounding factor -- are you absolutely
sure that you've turned off all the power management in both cases
(since you're measuring memory access time in CPU cycles that could skew
the graph in either direction)?  You could try a CPU-bound test and see
if the Xen case is faster there as well -- if so it's definitely not
cache behaviour.

We have seen cases where things like scheduler effects made a difference
(e.g. if you're using a single-processor linux in the Xen case make sure
to use a single-processor linux in bare-metal too as that affects kernel
performance).  Is your test array already populated and pinned in memory
to avoid page faults?



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