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[Xen-devel] xc_map_foreign_bulk() memory leak in ARM version?

Hi Xen folks!

I've faced with one strange thing in ARM version of Xen: when I use xc_map_foreign_bulk() to map some memory from domU to dom0, after unmap() for previous returned address - memory is not freed at all.

Let's look at call stack:

xc_map_foreign() ->
  linux_privcmd_map_foreign_bulk() ->
    addr = mmap(fd);
    }  ->
      alloc_empty_pages() ->

So, I think that unmap(addr) must call free_xenballoned_pages(), but this doesn't happen. =(
Let me note, that mmap() knows about privcmd_close() function, and it is the place where free_xenballoned_pages() is called, So we have that unmap() doesn't call privcmd_close() at all. It's something strange for me.

Can somebody show me the place of my misunderstanding, or is it a real bug?

Best regards,
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