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Re: [Xen-devel] Prebuilt kernel for Dom0, Xen ARM64, Foundation Model

On Sun, 2013-05-19 at 16:44 +0300, Maxim Kharchenko wrote:
> Could somebody recommend the best way to use Foundation Model with Xen
> ARM64? Today I am using the "skanky" approach mentioned by Ian
> Campbell:
> fv8 --image xen.gz --data zimage.img@0x80400000
> After a few fixes to the device tree I made it to "LOADING DOM0" but
> not much farther. Is there a prebuilt Aarch64 kernel that sure works
> as Dom0 (on Foundation Model)?

The Foundation model is not yet completely supported, it's on my TODO

The main issue at the minute is a random guest abort during page table
setup, which goes away if I make a pointless nop hypercall early in
Linux's head.S. Sadly I can't reproduce this on the Fast Models which
makes debugging a little tricky.

It also sounds like you might be trying to use a 64 bit kernel. That
patch series did not make it for 4.3 so the stuff in the Xen master
branch won't support it. To date I've only ever tried a 32-bit dom0
running on a 64-bit Xen on the foundation model.


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