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Re: [Xen-devel] Early ACPI events prevent subsequent ACPI functionality on xen 4.3 + HVM domU


--On 17 May 2013 18:35:51 +0100 Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are using Xen-4.3-rc1 with dom0 running Ubuntu Precise and
3.5.0-23-generic kernel, and domU running Ubuntu Precise (12.04) cloud
images running 3.2.0-39-virtual. We are using the xl.conf below on
qemu-upstream-dm and HVM and two identical sending and receiving
machines (hardware and software)

If a dom-U HVM server is started with ACPI enabled, and an ACPI event
(such as shutdown or reboot) is sent to domU before the BIOS and/or
operating system in the dom-U has initialised ACPI, then all
subsequent ACPI events are ignored.

I suppose something must be getting latched and since no one was around
at the time to clear it no further events are possible. Not sure if this
is a qemu or a guest issue though.

I can confirm it does not happen with KVM with the same guest, and it
happens with multiple Linux guests on Xen. Our test suite triggers it
every time.

It's a pain because if someone starts a server by accident and immediately
goes to shut it down, they have to do an ungraceful destroy rather than
a clean shutdown.

Alex Bligh

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