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Re: [Xen-devel] blktap3: libxl complaining when a domain gets destroyed

> > This is because libxl will wait for the backend to reach state '6'
> > (closed). Even if state 6 is not reached libxl will clean up the
> > backend path, you should check why blktap3 doesn't set the backend to
> > state 6.
> At some point during "xl destroy ..." the backend state is set to 5
> (assuming by libxl?). I get a XenStore watch triggering on this event.
> So how should I handle this event? Setting the backend state to 6 fails
> with EPERM, which I don't understand since I do modify the backend
> state when going from initialised to connected etc.

Hmm I'm looking at the code in libxl__initiate_device_remove (libxl_device.c) 
and I see that for qemu back-ends libxl doesn't wait for the backend to switch 
to state 6, it does something different that I don't understand. If I just jump 
to the "out" label it seems to work fine, though I don't know the semantics of 
the domain destruction process.

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