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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC 0/6] RFC Linux based stub-domain

On Wed, 2013-04-17 at 20:09 +0100, Anthony PERARD wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is the long overdue patch series to bring support for a Linux based
> stubdom which will enable to use QEMU upstream as device model in a stubdom.


Do you have any performance figures?

What are the overheads for the stub domain (e.g. memory)?

The dependency on various non-mainline git repos and on out of tree
patching are a bit concerning, how are we going to address those?

The hardcoded Linux version (currently 3.4.13) is also something of a
concern -- what is the intended strategy for managing the kernel used
here? Are we planning to periodically update it or something?

Is there any requirement to build as root?

This seems to add a dependency on /bin/busybox from the host, is there a
configure check to ensure this is present? Do we rely on the distro to
provide this? Which distros has it been tested on? Do we know that
distros in general provide a package with /bin/busybox in it?


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