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[Xen-devel] Fail to Boot Xen on Chromebook

Hi Anthony,

I've been analysing xen-arm for Chromebook and related dom0 kernel these
days and tried to understand what was going on when it booted. However,
without the output after dom0 launched, I haven't got any clues about it. It
seems there are three main works done in the present xen for chromebook git
repo - 1) codes handling u-boot format image containing xen hypervisor, dom0
kernel and dtb; 2) mmio mappings; 3) ramoops on chromebook. For the last two
points, I can hardly know the correctness of those 'magic' address since I 
have no hardware specification for Chromebook.

So I am still not able to boot xen on my chromebook, though your Wiki (in
progress) do help me understand it a little more. Would you please show me
any clues about hacks needed to boot it?

Thanks a lot.


  - Baozi

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