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[Xen-devel] S3 testing, etc

I had an off-list discussion with George Dunlap yesterday, who
suggested that it might be helpful to have an ability to test the S3
functionality in a bit more of an end-to-end fashion, and possibly
introduce an ability to do all of the S3 related things without
actually putting the machine to sleep.

Attached is a very simple patch to xen that introduces a command line
argument "fake_s3" that will do just that.

Also attached is a shell script that will put a system to sleep, and
wake it back up after a number of seconds by programming the RTC.
This does so at the kernel interface level, which is not as complete
as the pm-utils functionality, but since different linux distros seem
to vary in implementations of how to go into sleep, I used the sysfs
interface directly. A more complete cli interface may be more
appropriate for specific distros.

Finally, since this does require functionality not yet accepted into
the mainline kernel, one of Konrad's acpi-s3-vX branches is necessary:
I can vouch for the functionality in v9 - but there is also a newer v10:

The hope here is that this might be somehow worked into the automated
testing to maybe catch regressions in S3 sooner.

Signed-off-by: Ben Guthro <benjamin.guthro@xxxxxxxxxx>

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