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[Xen-devel] Re: How to use valgrind to detect xen hypervisor's memory leak

> It would help if you would post the actual patch you are using (including
your modifications etc). Also which specific baseline valgrind are you
The patch i upload is the actual one i am using , and i just modify some
lines that do not match the valgrind source code . such as 1608 of "@@
-1608,6 +1608,11 @@ " , and the version of valgrind is 3.6.1 . 

Thanks to your advise , now i know i should focus on the detection of
xend(xl create) , but first i have to use the upload patch to build in the
source code of valgrind , but that's the point , and i can't fix it .

> and more does someone have the valgrind tool support for hypervisor well ,
> can you send me one ?

> Um, I think I explained in my previous mail why this isn't possible and
> that this request doesn't make sense

Sorry , i know the discipline , and but can you tell me your version of
valgrind  according to your patch ??

Thank you and Best Wishes!

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