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[Xen-devel] XCI Boot hangs on "Starting XenConsoled"

I have built XCI with this(http://joshlander.com/?p=22) instruction, and installed XCI to the machine, but it hangs on booting process.
Arch is i686 and my laptop is lenovo thinkpad T400 (vPro Core2 with VT-x, VT-d and TXT)

My grub configuration is below. (It is default configuration)

set root=(xenclient-root)
multiboot /boot/xen.gz console=com1 iommu=1 max_dom0_vcpus=1 ioapic_ack=old com1=115200/921600,8n1,magic
module /boot/vmlinuz console=xencons root=/dev/mapper/xenclient-root autostart
module /boot/initramfs.gz
module /boot/lcp_data.bin
module /boot/sinit_acm.bin

It hangs without any message, So I set console=com1,vga on xen, and remove console argument on vmlinuz to see what kernel message is printed.

Then, Xen goes well, but at the Kernel, after it says "Starting XenConsoled", it hangs forever.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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