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[Xen-devel] Re: How to use valgrind to detect xen hypervisor's memory leak

> Please post your modified version of the patch. 
My patch is in the attach file named  xen_patch.patch 

> You seem to have missed step 0) which is to regenerate configure and
> Makefile.* using autoconf/automake as I described in a previous mail. 
Oh , here before i run 
                  1)     ./configure --with-xen=/usr/include/xen/     &&  
                  2)     make && make install 
 i had run automake/autoconf tool , and the errors still like what i got .
So how to fix it ?

> Wait, are you trying to use valgrind on the hypervisor itself?
> The Xen hypervisor is an "Operating System" and runs on bare metal --
> you can't run it as a process under Linux and therefore you cannot run a
> tool like valgrind on it.

> The valgrind support in my patch is useful for debugging the Xen
> toolstack (e.g. "xl"), but not the hypervisor itself.

Oh , I know that, maybe i didn't express the right meaning . Now , i am more
clearer . Yes , what i want to detect is the Xen toolstack's memory leak not
the hypervisor itself . 

and so suppose that i come to the third step, is it right to use the command
to do the detection ?
"valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes xm" 

and more does someone have the valgrind tool support for hypervisor well ,
can you send me one ?

Thank you and best wishes .

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