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Re: [Xen-devel] Memory Page Sharing on Xen 4.0.1

I too used the same link (Linux PV drivers for Xen HVM – building normally within an arbitrary kernel tree)

Coulple of questions:
Could you please check whether your sources have include/xenpvdrivers after applying the patch.
Have you disabled CONFIG_XEN and enabled CONFIG_XEN_PVDRIVERS as module (CONFIG_XEN_PVDRIVERS=m)
Also, could you please share the error log.

Thanks & Regards,
On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Sebastian Biedermann <biedermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Awesome, thank you very much!

dom0 source compiles without problems!
domU source cannot find the xen headers:

#include <xenpvdrivers/evtchn.h>
#include <xenpvdrivers/xenbus.h>
#include <xenpvdrivers/interface/io/netif.h>
#include <xenpvdrivers/interface/memory.h>
#include <xenpvdrivers/balloon.h>
#include <xenpvdrivers/asm/maddr.h>

I compiled in the PV HVM modules using this tutorial:

And built them into the guest kernel, it runs fine, but I dont have the right headers.

Can you tell me which xenpvdrivers headers you are using and where they come from?
Because e.g. I cannot find the asm/maddr.h in the xen sources.. or anywhere else

Tank you !

Am 28.06.2011 15:24, schrieb veerasena reddy:

I tried the same links but had to make some changes to get it working.
Please find attached the sample working files for sharing a domU HVM page to dom0.
It has been tested xen-4.0.1 and HVM guest running ubuntu 10.10 with kernel version (from kernel.org) compiled with CONFIG_XEN disabled and PVHVM drivers compiled in as modules.

1. Set LINUX_ROOT appropriately in Makefiles of dom0 and domU.
2. Set remote domain in dom0 appropriately "info.remoteDomain = <domU_domain_id>"
3. Compile modules dom0 and domU respectively on dom0 and domU guest.
4. Load module on domU first.
    # insmod ./domu_share.ko
5. do "dmesg" on domU and note down the grant reference number
    [ 1293.316240]  gref = 770   <<<--- this is the grant reference number
6. now load the module on dom0 by passing grant reference number as module param
    # insmod ./dom0_share.ko gref=770
7. do dmesg on dom0
======== dmesg on dom0 =====
    xen: dom0: init_module with gref = 770
xen: dom0: shared_page = 269f4000, handle = 9, status = 0
Bytes in page aseem sethi
XEN: dom: end init_module

Thanks & Regards,

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Sebastian Biedermann <biedermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List,

I´m trying to figure out memory page sharing using HVM on Xen 4.0.1,
but I´m not really able to find some useful information or sources about this issue.

I just found two links porviding these sources:


Both are not working.. I think they are made for an older version of xen.

Additionally I thought about checking the code of:


..which is located in the Xen source, but that´s very complicated and I dont know what I need
for a simple page exchange using own programmed standalone tools between two running domains.

Can anyone help me by sending some useful links or can anyone give me a hint where to start?

Thank you a lot!

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