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Re: [Xen-devel] Domains not being destroyed properly

On 21/06/2011 16:44, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-06-21 at 15:52 +0100, Anthony Wright wrote:
>> Ok, to be clear what I did....
>> xl create -e domain-details
>> xl shutdown <domain>
>> (End up with a domain called (null) in state --ps-d according to xl list
>> kill the qemu-dm process associated with the domain
>> the domain goes away
>> note that I didn't need to do an 'xl destroy' the kill of qemu-dm was
>> sufficient
>> If I do....
>> xl create -e domain-details
>> xl destroy <domain>
>> the domain goes away
> The difference is that shutdown is only a request to the guest to shut
> itself down, while destroy is the big hammer which kills the guest with
> prejudice and tidies up any detritus (or at least that is the intention
> IIRC).
> I suspect that you will probably find that only the hypervisor parts of
> the domain are being cleaned up by killing qemu -- e.g. the xenstore
> entries and some other stuff (e.g. libxl user data) are not being
> cleaned up.
> If you do:
> xl create -e domain-details
> xl shutdown <domain>
> xl destroy <domain>
> Does everything get cleaned up?
If I do:
xl create -e domain-details
xl shutdown <domain>
[ Wait for the domain to go to state --ps-d ]
xl destroy <domain>

The 'xl destroy' has no effect. The only thing that has an effect is
killing the qemu-dm processes which destroys the domain even without
running 'xl destroy'.

> If you don't want to run an xl daemon for each domain (although I agree
> with IanJ that they should be pretty cheap) I think a new xl sub-command
> which caused it to behave as a single daemon reaping domains would be a
> fine thing to have in our toolkit.
That would be really helpful, something that would inform me when a
domain died supplying it's domain id & domain name - the name is really
important because that's my reference, and I can't convert from an
domain id to a domain name after the domain has died. I used to have a
script that sat in /etc/xen/scripts/domain-destroyed which was called on
domain death with the dom-id and dom-name as arguments.


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