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[Xen-devel] Domains not being destroyed properly

If I create a domain with 'xl create -e', and then shut the domain down
with 'xl shutdown' according to 'xl list' it gets stuck in state
'--ps-d', with a name of '(none)' and 0 ram, ('xm list' doesn't show the

If I destroy the domain with 'xl destroy' the domain is destroyed properly.

If I create a domain with 'xl create' (without the '-e' option) and then
use 'xl shutdown', the domain is destroyed properly.

Since the 'xl shutdown' & 'xl destroy' give different results I presume
this is a bug.

As an extra question... Is there a way to be notified when a domain is
destroyed other than leaving the 'xl create' process lying around? I'd
like to know when any domain is destroyed, and leaving a large number of
processes lying around just to be able to do this seems rather ugly. In
the past I've editted some of the python code to achieve this, but my
patch doesn't work with 4.1, so I'm seeing if there's an official way to
do this before I work out a new patch.



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