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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] add a way to disable xen's udev script.

On Mon, 2011-06-13 at 09:58 +0100, Vincent Hanquez wrote:
> There's no way to make two managed toolstacks run in parallel, so i 
> wasn't using dynamic in this sense. the only sense i'm talking about
> is that you could have start the init script for XCP or Xend (or xl),
> and it would have clear/set the dummy file to enable/disable the udev
> script depending on whether you want the udev script running or not
> which is a toolstack properties.

Oh, right, that makes sense, more so than the cfg file based scheme I
suggested (although eventually I expect that the will be needed too to
express the admin's wishes, that's not relevant here). Thanks for
explaining the actual usage.

I think we could make it opt-in for toolstacks which want it rather than
opt-out for those that don't, since only xend and xl want them (I
think???) that seems like a manageable change. The xencommons initscript
might work for touching the file, but perhaps the xend initscript and
something internal to libxl/xl (which doesn't have it's own initscript)
would be better. Only question is who removes it in the xl case.

Since the file is automatically managed I don't think /etc is the right
place -- probably somewhere like /var/run (which handily gets it cleaned
up on reboot too).

> This feature has been discussed with toolstack people, patch has been 
> send to maintainers already and it's about to be committed in one case
> (on two) provided it pass my tests i've left running over the weekend.

Sounds interesting, do you have a link? I didn't see anything in the
xen-api archives, but perhaps it was elsewhere? (or is this a reference
some other toolstack?)


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