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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] add a way to disable xen's udev script.

On 06/10/2011 08:13 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:
No it does not go straight to any (completely undefined) step 2 and it
in no way allows toolstacks to dynamically work in parallel -- it allows
your current pet project to unilaterally disable functionality in other
existing toolstacks because that is convenient to you, without any
consideration for the bigger picture or actual _real_ interop with other
toolstacks or usecases.

dynamic as in = can be installed on disk in parallel.

There's no way to make two managed toolstacks run in parallel, so i wasn't using dynamic in this sense. the only sense i'm talking about is that you could have start the init script for XCP or Xend (or xl), and it would have clear/set the dummy file to enable/disable the udev script depending on whether you want the udev script running or not which is a toolstack properties.

So let's be clear, instead of having a way to interop which isn't great (not "actual real interop" reusing your word), we have no interop whatsoever.

Furthermore I object to your characterisation of some toolstacks as
"compat" and the one you are currently interested in as "new"/"modern".
xl uses these udev scripts and is in no way a "compat" toolstack. You
cannot simply deny the existence of other toolstacks, ignore their
requirements and justify breaking their functionality by branding them

I simply characterised the toolstacks using a the new/modern udev mechanism i'm talking about as new/modern. compared to the toolstack that use the old mechanism as compat, since this was an attempt to keep both mechanisms in. this is *not* about the toolstack itself nor about branding them legacy.

So what is your proposal for removing the need for udev (i.e. what is
the so-called "step 3")? Unless you have specific concrete suggestions
then we cannot build consensus around any move away from the udev
scripts and all this talk is just hot air.

And, to be frank, unless you have an plan to back it up with patches
sooner rather than later[...]

This feature has been discussed with toolstack people, patch has been send to maintainers already and it's about to be committed in one case (on two) provided it pass my tests i've left running over the weekend.

You aren't obliged to do any more work than you want. However it does
not follow that we must take your original patch.

Of course. I never implied as such. Now, Let's give this thread and the patch a rest.


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