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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 20] Rebased Nested VMX v2

On 06/13/11 11:24, Tim Deegan wrote:
At 12:13 +0200 on 09 Jun (1307621580), Christoph Egger wrote:
I Acked patch 1.


I am wondering if patch 15 and 17 contain
logic that can be shared with svm and moved into common code.

Unless you have specific suggestions I'm happy to take tham as they

I suggest Eddie to send a patch which moves the logic he thinks that
can be shared into seperate functions within the vmx tree as first step.
I do not mind whether Eddie should do that before or after you commit
the patch set.


Eddie, I've queued up 01-19 ready to be committed.  Patch 20 still has
some MSRs that are passed through directly from the host, which I think
needs to be fixed.  I'd prefer just a new patch 20 rather than a new
drop of the whole series next time, to save me having to re-check



On 06/09/11 10:25, Eddie Dong wrote:

This patch series enable the nestedvmx support with all fixes to comments.

patch 1-2 is a pre-cleanup.
patch 3 is for nested vmx data structure patch 4 for nestedhvm ops patch 5,
7,8,9, 10, 11 is for VMX instruction emulation patch 6 for virtual VMCS data
structure and access APIs.
patch 12 for VMCS switching
Patch 13 for vmreseume/launch emulation
patch 14 for shadow control VMCS fields
patch 15 for n1/n2 guest VMCS switch
patch 16 for interrupt/exceptions
patch 17 for nested vm exit
patch 18 for lazy FPU and patch 19 VMXE bits in CR4 patch 20 for MSR handling
and capability

Thanks, Eddie

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