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RE: [Xen-devel] need known working 64-bit upstream kernel config file for PV guest

> > To add one more very interesting piece of data,
> > booting a 2.6.32 32-bit kernel.org kernel in a PV
> > guest works, while booting a 32-bit
> > kernel.org kernel doesn't... same config file!
> > And the failure looks very similar to the one
> > I've been seeing on several x86_64 kernel.org
> > kernels.
> >
> > I'll confirm that I can reproduce this, and then
> > post as a separate thread.
> >
> I tried both 32bit and 64bit Linux upstream
> kernel.org kernels, and they worked ok for me.
> That was actually save/restore testing, which also worked OK,
> for both uni-vcpu and multi-vcpu guests.
> Dom0 was EL5.

Well... I couldn't reproduce it and, as a result, I discovered
another difference: 2.6.32 x86 fails also (as well as
x86), when I am booting it in EL5u5.  But it succeeds in EL5u4!
Perhaps there is a different nash version between the two?

Sorry if this appears terribly disorganized and disjointed.
I am trying to use two machines with not quite identical
environments so that I can get two other things done during
long kernel compiles.  As a result, I've missed some seemingly
irrelevant details that are turning out to be relevant.

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