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RE: [Xen-devel] need known working 64-bit upstream kernel config file for PV guest

> > Here's the output... note still a system call failing...
> It looks like the root= parameter is wrong?

Hi Pasi --

I'll need to dig up a 32-bit FC13 config file to prove it,
but my experience with other 32-bit and 64-bit config
files predicts that the same process for 32-bit will
work fine (with the same root= parameter).

But I hadn't noticed the problem in the earlier part of
the boot before you pointed it out.
I'm beginning to suspect that there is a bug in 64-bit
upstream kernels that is exposed in nash (the lightweight
shell that gets bundled in a RedHat initrd).  If so,
it will be very difficult to track down, though clearly
it is fixed in one of the many Fedora kernel patches.
So I am going to give up on 64-bit upstream kernels
for now so I can get some other things done and
come back to this later.


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