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Re: [Xen-devel] Strange error in domU after dom0 update


It seams that the root cause for this is a bug in the kernel pv_ops. Tried a bisection and ended at version d2af313fcf20275d4008725f32f1974bde06ec9e, which is good, i.e. works without the described problems and 9cf89da8cb207818c029975f261ea672addbb801 which is bad.

There are some other problems in version 0148adde28789aa72f6210add9ac34625309535b which does even not boot, so it's somewhat tricky to do a bisection when there is more than one problem :-(

If it helps to find the bug, I can just try some other versions in between by random.

Note that the merge after the version which works for me (3dd81018a392941fcc722ee521de344527481eb8) changed things in the network layer.

Kind regards - Andreas

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