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[Xen-devel] Re: ioemu-remote: USB Mouse/Tablet Doesn't Work

Yosuke Iwamatsu writes ("ioemu-remote: USB Mouse/Tablet Doesn't Work"):
> It seems the usb mouse and tablet are not enabled at all with
> ioemu-remote.

Thanks for the report.

>  I looked into this problem a bit and found that the logic
> in hw/usb-hid.c, which was quite different from that of upstream qemu
> or of xen-unstable, was not working for some reason.

There were two reasons:

 * My last pull from upstream predated a fix to the USB HID
   descriptors.  The effect of not having that change is that the
   USB tablet (and mouse, probably) don't work at all.  I've
   cherry picked it.

 * I'd replaced the code from xen-unstable c/s 17003 with a different
   arrangement[1], but this was early in my merge with upstream qemu
   so at that point I wasn't able to test it.  I forgot to test it
   later.  Having done so it was rather buggy which I have now fixed.

I've done some more thorough testing following my fixes.
The results are in the current qemu-xen-unstable tip, which is
This is available now at
and will make it to the usual locations on xenbits in due course.

[1] I think c/s 17003 can sometimes make button up and down events
    happen at the wrong place.  I haven't been able to reproduce
    this under controlled conditions but in any case my new code
    works now.


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