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Re: [Xen-devel] Change in xm interface

Ewan Mellor wrote:
Your concern is perfectly reasonable.  On that note though, could I

  a) Screen-scraping xm is a bad idea.  There is an interface straight
  into xend that one can use for integration (the same interface that xm
  uses).  This will avoid such hackery, and make it an awful lot easier
  to maintain backwards compatibility.  xm is for humans to use, not
I agree with you completely and will take the time to point out that libvirt uses the S-Expression/HTTP interface so you can just use that :-)
  b) There is no guarantee that any interface inside domain 0, be it
  to the tools, or even to Xen, are fixed.  The only interfaces that are fixed
  at the moment are the interfaces used by guests.  Everything else is
  subject to change at any time.  Of course, it's in everyone's
  interests that these interfaces become fixed in the future, but
  there's plenty of work that has to go into them yet before we could
  claim that they are supportable in the long term.
That list is xen-devel, for the moment.  I'm not sure there's any value
in having a separate list -- anyone who's developing products that sit
on top of Xen _really_ needs to be reading xen-devel anyway -- the
project simply isn't mature enough for you to get away without doing
Ok.  Always good to reiterate this occasionally :-)


Anthony Liguori

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