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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Repost - xm lists display and formatting

Stefan Berger wrote:

xen-devel-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 02/17/2006 02:54:21 PM:

 > Stefan
 > Hi
 > Thanks for the xm-text initiative.
 > Did you test with xm-test (the whole suite of testx) on i386 and/or
 > x86_64 and/or VMX, before submitting the patches? Did they all work?

Ewan, are you still running xm-test as part of your pre-commit
regression testing? Also, have you started running on hvm hw?
IIRC, Ian had mentioned that you were soon going to introduce
these in your testbed.

We'd like to see more of these bugs caught prior to commit,
and hoping to encourage all the developers out there to
please run as well...


Here's now the output of a testrun on x86:

REASON: (7 nics) Console didn't respond: probably crashed!
FAIL: 13_create_multinic_pos.test
REASON: ping loopback failed for size 65507. ping eth0 failed for size 65507.
XFAIL: 02_network_local_ping_pos.test
REASON: Ping to dom0 failed for size 32767 65507.
XFAIL: 05_network_dom0_ping_pos.test
REASON: Ping failed for size 32767 65507.
XFAIL: 11_network_domU_ping_pos.test
REASON: /proc/cpuinfo says xend didn't enforce dom0_cpus (2 != 1)
FAIL: 01_enforce_dom0_cpus_basic_pos.test
REASON: xm migrate returned invalid 256 != 0
FAIL: 01_migrate_localhost_pos.test

I think none of these errors is related to the xm changes regarding network-list or block-list. I expect the consequences of the xm changes NOT to influence the test results on x86_64 or VMX - other challenges might be lurking there.

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