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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Pin vcpu for VMX domain

On 13 Feb 2006, at 03:49, Dong, Eddie wrote:

        But I get another issue recently that need it to be done
earlier. In VMX domain save/restore case, it pauses the VMX domain and
then do states save (and destroy). In this case the arch_vmx_do_resume
is not invoked, so it looks like doing smp_call_function earlier has
other benefits, any suggestion?

You should request_clear_vmcs() from within sync_vcpu_execstate(). That'll need a new 'sync' VMX hook function. As well as fixing save, it will also mean you no longer need to VMCLEAR in vmx_relinquish_resources() as it will be guaranteed to already be done.

If you're implementing save/restore, one thing I notice is that your state save/restore functions assume the current VMCS references the domain of interest -- they will need to be wrapped in VMPTRST/VMPTRLD if the given vcpu is not current.

 -- Keir

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