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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Pin vcpu for VMX domain

Keir Fraser wrote:
> You don't need to __vmpclear at the time the affinity is changed. You
> can still do it from within arch_vmx_do_resume() -- it is valid to
> call smp_call_function() there. That avoids having yet another HVM
> function, and avoids calling yet another arch_* function from common
> code. 
        The latest patch is doing smp_call_function() at time of
arch_vmx_do_resume :-)
        But I get another issue recently that need it to be done
earlier. In VMX domain save/restore case, it pauses the VMX domain and
then do states save (and destroy). In this case the arch_vmx_do_resume
is not invoked, so it looks like doing smp_call_function earlier has
other benefits, any suggestion?

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