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[Xen-devel] RE: Passive domain support in Xenoprof 2.0

Santos, Jose Renato G wrote:
> Xiaowei,
>   The passive domain support implementation for Xen 2.0 had
>   some race conditions and that was the reason it was removed
>   from the patches for the Xen 3.0 implementation. The buffers
>   that are used to store PC samples do not use any
>   locks since they need to be accessed in NMI context.
>   In the previous implementation, samples of passive domains
>   were stored in dom0's buffer. This created the possibility
>   of a race condition if dom0 and a passive domain were
>   running on 2 different CPUs and accessing the buffer
>   simultaneously.
Hi Renato, 
Now I know your concern. Yes, I can work on passive domain support.

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