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[Xen-devel] Re: New Release Process

Ian Pratt wrote:

My current inclination is to call a 3.0.1 release Friday/Saturday and
sweep the tree into -testing. Monday morning we'd then incorporate hvm
and the 2.6.15 tree and work flat out to get that fully tested and
stabilized ASAP, so SuSE can pick it up for SLES10.
Yeah, this is a good idea. Many of us were hoping at the Summit that 3.0.1 would be released ASAP.

What do other developers feel about trying to help SuSE out like this?
In my mind, switching to a higher kernel version is always a good thing especially since it gets us closer to being able to start dropping patches for upstream merge.

No doubt we might have to end up doing something similar for RH come the
RHEL5 freeze date. My feeling is that its in the xen community's
interest to have the best possible vendor releases, as the users always
end up coming to our mailing lists to complain :)
Frequently releases are a very good thing. If we have frequent releases, and stay close to the upstream kernel, we shouldn't have to worry much about the distro releases.


Anthony Liguori

What do you think? Should we stick with 2.6.15 or go to 2.6.16-rc1 ?

Any reason not to call 3.0.1 now? There are a load of bug fixes and
improvements over 3.0.0.


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